I've been practicing pottery for over 15 years. I use ceramics methods such as hand building, slab work, and traditional wheel thrown pottery. I've also had much experience with various firing techniques including raku, salt firings, and black pottery. I love working out of my home studio in the heart of the Catskills and am inspired by functional art that adds beauty to tables and homes.

"Shape clay into a vessel; It is the space within that makes it useful." ~Lao Tsu
When I was 10 years old I received a book about nature crafts for kids. In it there was a section about digging up clay from a river, cleaning it, and firing it in a garbage-can kiln. I obsessed every summer with digging up clay from rivers and attempting to "fire" it in our campfires at night. It only made sense that when I went to high school I was drawn to pottery classes. Some of those gems still sit proudly on shelves in my family's homes despite my complaints. 

Later on in college, though my main studies were in education, I came back to pottery and ceramics and found myself spending all of my free time in a studio being inspired by my teacher and mentor to throw pieces that were functional, strong, and beautiful. After college I began teaching elementary school but as I settled down into a home with my husband, I also began creating a home studio piece by piece. Just as my pottery studio grew, so has my family; my husband and I welcomed our daughter in to the world in the spring of 2013 and she now watches me and inspires me to keep creating art that I love. 

I now work completely out of my home studio in the heart of the Catskills mountains creating pottery that is functional, strong, and beautiful.