• Pottery Tips: How to make a teapot in 4 easy steps

    Pottery is my favorite medium because there are so many possiblities.  There is no true right or wrong way. Every piece takes on its own indentity.  Teapots are no exception.

    I'm often ask how I make my teapots. There are tons of videos and tutorials online but I decided to break it down into four easy steps.  All of these elements were handmade with clay in my pottery studio. 

    Step 1: Use a wheel to a throw body, lid, and spout

    Step 2: trim lid and add knob

    Step 3: trim body of pot, drill holes and attach spout

    Step 4: Make a handle and attach. Now to slowly dry before the first firing!

    Finished with wicker handles

  • Working on the wheel